Available talks

Present in the Pain

Eileen shares from the heart about enduring suffering, healing from it, and recognizing it as an opportunity for life-changing growth. We all suffer, and this world offers many tools for numbing or distracting us from our pain, but in order to experience the redemptive benefit of suffering, we must see it as our personal fiat, recognize God’s presence with us, and be open to the lessons that it can teach us, following the examples of Christ and Our Blessed Mother. This talk is good for a mixed gender group or women’s groups. It is also good for groups that may be dealing with grief.

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The Most Loving Mother

In this talk, Eileen shares her journey from a Protestant, who struggled to understand the devotion Catholics had for Our Lady, to a Catholic who has come to know the Blessed Mother in a very personal way. Eileen shares how her difficult relationship with her own mother made it a challenge to come to know Mary in this way, but Our Lady found a way to connect with her in a loving, tender way. This talk is suitable for women’s groups and for any group that desires to develop a deeper devotion to Our Lady.