NFP After Child Loss

What is the format?

This mini-course contains four video-based lessons, PDF printables, and a replay of a live Q&A Session with the presenters.

Once registered, participants will have full access to the course to watch at their own pace and as many times as they wish.

The cost is just $19

What’s it about?

Our Catholic faith teaches us that the marital act is to be both unitive and procreative, but when we experience pregnancy or child loss, we learn that openness to life also means openness to loss.

Sometimes the protocols for our cycles after a miscarriage or stillbirth can be unclear, and the work of charting can feel overwhelming as we are still grieving.

Our fertile times each month can be full of conflicting and confusing emotions, as we may long to become pregnant again and simultaneously feel terrified of experiencing another loss.

We may be wrestling with thoughts about God, about our bodies, about our fears and our faith every time we consider intimacy with our spouses – all of which can be challenging to our minds and our hearts, not to mention our marriages.

When I posted a question on social media asking women what was the most difficult part of NFP after child loss, I received very relatable results:

  • “How do you even start to be intimate again after that?” 
  • “Knowing when you can be intimate again when you’re TTA (trying to avoid)”
  • “The fear that comes with becoming pregnant again”
  • “The first cycle after, cramps, bleeding in general”
  • “Not really wanting to track”
  • “Trusting the process. The rules for basic NFP don’t apply to post loss. There is no info.”

In this course, you’ll hear from women who have all experienced pregnancy loss. We’ll talk about the practical and logistical elements as well as the emotional challenges of practicing NFP after child loss.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The physiology behind what is happening to your body after pregnancy loss
  • The timeline to expect for fertility to return
  • Signs to look for to help you understand the protocol for whatever NFP method you use
  • How to manage the challenges that can come from complications due to loss
  • Practical tools for processing some of the thoughts you may have about God, about your body, or about becoming pregnant again
  • That you’re not alone if you find this to be a challenging season in your marriage and your faith
  • and more!

The course takes place inside my free online community for grieving mothers.

Whether you choose to take this course or not, you’re welcome to come join us there to find support and understanding for every challenge that comes while healing from the pain of pregnancy or child loss.

The cost for this course is only $19.

Meet Your Presenters

Rebekah Knobeloch
Bekah Knobeloch is a registered nurse and the founder of Feminine Genius Ministries where she has been teaching Marquette Method of NFP for almost 7 years, working with over 650 couples and women. She has personally been through the loss of miscarriage and has walked with numerous clients, family members, and friends through loss. 

Maritia Hotovy I’m Maritia! I love all things lemon flavored and Husker Volleyball. I am a proud wife to a home-renovating Operations Research Analyst, mom of three beautiful virtue-strengthening children (with a 4th due in October) and a Registered Nurse/Marquette NFP Instructor here in Omaha, Nebraska.

Emily Adams
A Resident Coach with Metanoia Catholic, Emily helps loss moms to encounter their baby loss through a different lens.

Eileen Tully
Eileen is the host of this website and will be the host of the course. She is a writer, speaker, podcaster, and founder of Present in the Pain, a Catholic ministry for women who have experienced pregnancy and child loss. She offers healing retreats, an online community, and helpful resources for bereaved mothers.

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