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No matter what format, all of my retreats offer real talk about the pain of child loss; practical tools for healing from grief and trauma; lessons from Scriptures, Saints, and Our Lady of Sorrows; and an eternal perspective on pain and suffering. Scroll down to see what participants have to say.

I am blown away by the impact this retreat has had on me.

I learned so much more how to grieve with an eternal perspective thanks to this wonderful retreat.”

“I love the handouts, especially the graphic for grief and how it can manifest in so many different emotions and be all over the place. It’s helpful to understand what trauma is.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat. You really helped me…I don’t feel so alone.”

I finally felt like I was in the presence of someone who wasn’t judging me or trying to fix me. You simply understood because you are living it, and you didn’t ask that we do anything other than be present. THANK YOU.”

Your openness in sharing your story was very moving and helpful for considering my journey. Loved the art/creative time as well as opportunities to share with the other women.

“Wonderful to be part of this, to share about our daughter, to hear the stories of others.”

[The] Virtual Lenten Retreat for Grieving Mothers was all that I hoped for and much more! After losing my [adult] daughter unexpectedly, my grief seems unending and unbearable. Eileen offered expertise, compassion and many tools to help and heal the pain. I loved the comparison to Our Lady of Sorrows, in her road to Calvary. I opened up to Eileen, in a special way, which surprised me. I highly recommend any future retreats Eileen may offer. You won’t regret it!

Praying With Our Lady of Sorrows: Meditations for grieving mothers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazon rating

“After I lost my unborn daughter and experienced a life-threatening stillbirth, Eileen’s prayer book helped me to unite my seemingly unbearable pain with the suffering experienced by Our Lady. Her simple meditations on Our Lady’s sorrows are infused with profound understanding. Eileen offers all grieving parents a tool to rekindle hope and experience healing.

Theoni Bell, Author of The Woman in the Trees

“I could have seriously used this book 19 years ago after my daughter died. I felt such a connection to Our Lady of Sorrows, but I just didn’t always have the words to talk to her. The author of this book had those words. Simple, concise, and easy to follow along. Would definitely recommend this book for any grieving mother.”

“I LOVE the [Praying With] Our Lady of Sorrows book!”

“I like your prayer book better than any others that I’ve seen available.”

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