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About me

Welcome! I’m Eileen. I help suffering people to endure their pain with faith in God’s love for them and an eye on eternity by sharing the lessons I’ve learned as a grieving mother.

Speaking Information

Eileen shares from the heart about what she has learned from walking through her own trauma, grief, and pain. 

She would love to come and speak to your group or to work with you to host a Present in the Pain retreat in your parish or local retreat center.


Purchase signed copies of Eileen’s books and Seven Sorrows Rosary Bracelets, handmade by her and her family.

Online Retreat – Present in the Pain

An online retreat for grieving mothers, Present in the Pain takes a look at the loss of a child through the lens of our Catholic faith, using Our Lady of Sorrows as our example.

Retreat testimonials

“This retreat was incredibly helpful in navigating these first two months of my grief journey.”

“I finally felt like I was in the presence of someone who wasn’t judging me or trying to fix me. You simply understood, because you are living it, and you didn’t ask that we do anything other than be present.”

“I am blown away by the impact this retreat has had on me.”

“I learned so much more how to grieve with an eternal perspective thanks to this wonderful retreat.”

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