“Eileen Tully shares her heart and wisdom with the gentle but powerful authority of one who has been with Jesus at the foot of the Cross.”

Sonja Corbitt, Catholic Evangelista

You are not alone! Find other Catholic mothers who have experienced pregnancy and child loss and share your story to begin your healing process. This Community is drama-free and outside of social media.

A retreat course in seven topical, video-based lessons, the Present in the Pain retreat takes a look at the experience of pregnancy and child loss through the lens of our Catholic faith and offers practical tools for hope and healing.

This mini-course is designed to help you navigate the logistical and emotional challenges that can arise while practicing NFP following the loss of a child.

Let’s talk!

You can work with me one-on-one if you’re in need of some additional support.

I would love to walk through my online retreat with you if you are not comfortable with the group experience but prefer to discuss it privately.

Find help navigating all the thoughts and emotions that come with pregnancy after loss.

I can also help you work through any areas that keep you feeling “stuck” in your grief.

Set up a free call with me and let’s discover if the one-on-one coaching experience is right for you!

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