I offer several different levels of support for women who have experienced pregnancy loss or the loss of a child at any age.

1. A FREE Online Community

The Present in the Pain Community is an online support group that exists outside of social media where grieving mothers can find support, encouragement, and understanding as they heal from the pain of child loss.

We get to know each other better through meetups and book groups. There are places to introduce yourself and share your story, to discuss the podcast, and, new for 2023, there are individual groups for loss-specific and loss-related support, including:

Pregnancy Loss Support
Stillbirth Support
Infant (0-2) Loss Support
Young Child (2-17) Loss Support
Adult Child (18+) Loss Support
No Living Children After Loss Support
NFP & TTC After Loss Support
Pregnant After Loss Support
Relationship Strain After Loss Support

It’s completely free to join, and it’s something I wish I’d had when my children died. Find out more about why I created the community here.

2. An Online Video Retreat

A healing retreat course in seven topical, video-based lessons, the Present in the Pain Online Retreat takes a look at the experience of pregnancy and child loss through the lens of our Catholic faith.

With Our Lady of Sorrows as our guide, we look to the Scriptures, the Saints, and the teachings of the Church to learn how to grieve with an eternal perspective. We talk about trauma and grief from a psychological perspective, discuss the very real ways it affects our lives and complicates our grieving, and offer practical tools for healing.

New for 2023 are quarterly group retreats so that you can work through the retreat with a small group for support, accountability, and friendship.

Our spring retreat is happening now, and the next group retreat will begin in July.

3. In-Person Retreats

I love connecting with others through In-Person Events throughout the year.

Being able to come away for a day or a weekend to learn about and discuss the ways loss and grief affect us; to look to the Scriptures, the Saints, and the Church for guidance; to focus on prayer and healing activities; to participate in a Mass and a meal together – these are things that mean so much more when they are shared with others.

Learn which events are coming up and how to schedule an in-person event at your own parish or local retreat center by clicking the button below.

4. One-on-One Grief Support

For women who have completed one of my retreats – either in person or online – I am pleased to be able to offer One-on-One Grief Companioning.

I don’t call it coaching, because there’s no right or wrong way to grieve, but twelve years after my own losses, and hours and hours of my own counseling sessions later, I have gained so many insights into grief and trauma. I understand the complex ways it affects our relationships – with God, with others, and even with ourselves.

I want to accompany others who are going through this pain and offer them an understanding ear, practical tools and exercises for healing, and some guideposts to watch for along the way.

If you’ve been through my retreat and want some more support, I’d love to accompany you on your healing journey.

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