The Present in the Pain Online Video Retreat

I learned so much more how to grieve with an eternal perspective thanks to this wonderful retreat.”

– Retreat participant

A healing retreat course in seven topical, video-based lessons, the Present in the Pain retreat takes a look at the experience of pregnancy and child loss through the lens of our Catholic faith.

Are you feeling crushed under the weight of your grief after losing your child?

Have you felt distanced from God since your baby died and not sure how to reconnect?

Do you wish there was someone you could talk to who understood how you were feeling?

I want to walk with you.

With Our Lady of Sorrows as our guide, we look to the Scriptures, the Saints, and the teachings of the Church to learn how to grieve with an eternal perspective. We talk about trauma and grief from a psychological perspective, discuss the very real ways it affects our lives and complicates our grieving, and offer practical tools for healing, including creative activities and a playlist of worshipful music

The retreat topics include:

  • The healing that comes from telling your story
  • Real talk about grief and trauma
  • The impact on our other relationships
  • Why it might be hard to pray, and what to do about it
  • Relating to Our Lady of Sorrows
  • The Church’s teaching on hope for salvation for our children
  • How to lean on our faith when our hearts have been broken
  • The gifts that come by way of suffering
  • The journey forward

What if you could finally find the support, tools, and understanding that you needed to help you heal from the pain of child loss?

The whole experience takes place in the context of a community of fellow grieving mothers, so that you have accompaniment the whole time, with spaces for discussion and bi-weekly live video chats – hosted by Eileen –  with other members for connection and real-time support.

The community itself is free to join, and there are many public spaces where you can introduce yourself, share your story, find support, ask questions, and discuss the podcast.

The video retreat is found within the online community and is a private space for members only.

I know money is tight right now, and that the costs associated with losing a child can make it an even greater challenge. That’s why I offer several price points to help you fit the retreat into your budget. 

You can even try it free for the first two weeks!

Here’s what others had to say about the retreat:

I am blown away by the impact this retreat has had on me.” 

“I love…the graphic for grief and how it can manifest in so many different emotions and be all over the place. It’s helpful to understand what trauma is.

“I finally felt like I was in the presence of someone who wasn’t judging me or trying to fix me. You simply understood because you are living it, and you didn’t ask that we do anything other than be present. THANK YOU.” 

Your openness in sharing your story was very moving and helpful for considering my journey. [I] loved the art/creative time as well as opportunities to share with the other women.

“[The]…Retreat for Grieving Mothers was all that I hoped for and much more! After losing my [adult] daughter unexpectedly, my grief seems unending and unbearable. Eileen offered expertise, compassion and many tools to help and heal the pain. I loved the comparison to Our Lady of Sorrows, in her road to Calvary. I opened up to Eileen, in a special way, which surprised me. I highly recommend any future retreats Eileen may offer. You won’t regret it!”

Ready to join our community and find tools and support for healing from the pain of pregnancy or child loss? 

I can’t wait to see you there!

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